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Add this URL to Trusted Sites in IE to Access Library Documents

This guide shows VDOT employees the steps required to access 2,000 linked files on a VDOT server by adding the library catalog URL to "Trusted Sites" in Internet Explorer.


This guide provides a quick fix to the Trusted Sites problem experienced at VDOT, however, the library is working with VITA and VDOT IT to create a solution that eliminates the problem completely. Stay tuned! 

The VDOT Library catalog contains roughly 2,000 documents on a VDOT server that is only accessible to VDOT employees. These documents include publications from AASHTO, ASCE, VDOT, and many other core publishers. Records for such documents may be found alongside all other library holdings when searching the library catalog.

The records for the documents this guide deals with display a link similar to the records for all other library resources. Most links work for VDOT employees with just a click, however, the links to these documents are not a traditional URL but is actually a "path" that points to PDF files housed on the internal server.  

These electronic links begin with the prefix  \\0501rcfiles\ or \\501-rc-nas1\ as shown below:

Screen capture of an EOS record with a link that is a "path."

Due to VDOT's current network security settings, these types of links will not work unless the URL for the library's catalog (called EOS) is manually added to the list of "Trusted Sites" in you version of the Internet Explorer browser.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating how to add the library catalog URL to IE Trusted Sites so you can access those documents.

These steps only need to be completed one time, but at present they must be done by each VDOT employee.  The library is working with ITD to change that.


The Library's catalog contains records for more than 50,000 printed items on our shelves and an additional 60,000 records leading to full-text electronic books, technical reports and other documents. The "Trusted Sites" issue described above only applies to about 2,000 of those documents. 

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