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TRB2018: Other VDOT Presenters

This guide shows the Virginia Transportation Research Council's 2018 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting Schedule.

Other VDOT Presentations

Workshop 154,  Sunday 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM, Cybersecurity in the Transportation World: People, Process, and Technology, Murali Rao,Virginia DOT Successes and Challenges, presentation 18-21870.

Workshop 171, Sunday 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM, Geoenvironmental Aspects of Design, Permitting, and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure, David Wilson, Streamline Reuse of Low-Level Contaminated Media Using a Virginia DEQ Reuse Variance, presentation 18-21270.

Workshop 177, Sunday 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM, Cross Streets at Freeway Interchanges: Access Management and Geometric Design Issues Robert Hofrichter, State Policies on Interchange Area Access, presentation 18-21650.

Historic and Archeological Preservation Research Needs Subcommittee, ADC50(2), Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM, Antony Opperman, Virginia Department of Transportation, presiding.

Lectern Session 398, Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM, Midcourse Corrections for Troubled P3s: What Can We Learn?, Morteza Farajian, Pocahontas Parkway, presentation 18-21208.

Lectern Session 404, Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM, Strategies to Prepare Your Transportation Organization for the Technology Challenges of the Future, Murali Rao, Hari Sripathi, Interdependency of IT, OT, Communications, and Cyber Security in a Connected World – VDOT Experience and Practice, presentation 18-21803.

Lectern Session 416, Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM, Alternative Project Delivery for Small Projects, Suril Shah, Small Design–Build Projects in Virginia, presentation 18-21476.

Subsurface Drainage CommitteeMonday 6:00 PM- 9:30 PM, Affan Habib, Virginia Department of Transportation, presiding.

Lectern Session 481Tuesday 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM, Special Topics in Steel Bridge Fabrication, William Via, Keith Harrop, Design, Fabrication, Construction, and Cost Assessment of Virginia’s First Corrosion-Resistant ASTM A1010 Plate Girder Bridge, presentation 18-02966.

Poster Session 512, Tuesday 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM, Current Issues in Environmental Analysis in Transportation, Scott Smizik, Advancing a Major EIS in Record Time: VDOT’s Hampton Roads Crossing Study, presentation 18-20198.

Poster Session 568Tuesday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM, Geometric Design Research and Graduate Student Poster Session, Ryley Stevens, Matthew Dean, Crash Impacts of Variances to Entrance Spacing Standards: Lessons Learned from Virginia, presentation 18-20594.

Lectern Session 611, Tuesday 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM, Using Decision Support Subsystems to Automate the Use of Traffic Operational Strategies and Control Plans, Part 1 (Part 2, Session 685), Dean Gustafson, Virginia Department of Transportation, presiding.

Lectern Session 882,  Tuesday 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM , Regional Transportation Planning in Rural America: How Does That Work?, Marsha Fiol, Virginia - Decades of Rural Transportation Planning (1993 - 2017), presentation 18-20043.

Poster Session 639Tuesday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM, Asphalt Cement and Mixture Tests and Performance, Sungho Kim, Evaluation of Methods for Determining Bulk Specific Gravity of RAP Aggregate and Voids in Mineral Aggregate During Production of Asphalt Mixtures, presentation 18-04574.

Lectern Session 683, Tuesday 3:45 PM- 5:30, Geosynthetic Specifications, John Schuler, Quality Assurance: Consistency in Meaning and Effect, presentation 18-20305.

Lectern Session 815, Wednesday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM, Are Managed Lanes a Great Place to Operate and Test Automated Vehicles? What Are the Policy, Legal, and Operational Implications?, Robert Cary, Virginia Lingham,Virginia's Vision for Managed Lanes and Automated Vehicles, presentation 18-20727.

Poster Session 834, Wednesday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM, The Search for a Better Way, Part 2: Exploring and Refining Methods in Highway Safety (Part 1, Session 523), Mike Nichols, Philomena Lockwood, Safety Evaluation of Change in Posted Speed Limit from 65 to 70 mph on Rural Virginia Interstate System, presentation 18-01486.

Lectern Session 843, Wednesday 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM, Communicating Environmental Commitments During Construction, Angel Deem, Identifying Environmental Commitments and Tracking Compliance During Construction, presentation 18-20340.

Poster Session 855, Wednesday 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM, The Sharing Economy: Emerging Examples from Around the Globe, Robert Hanson, Virginia Department of Transportation, presiding. 

Poster Session 856, Wednesday 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM, Automated Vehicles Are Here: Considerations for Implementation, Robert Hanson, Virginia Department of Transportation, presiding.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee2:45 PM- 3:00 PM, Virginia Lingham, VDOT’s SmarterRoads.Org Data Portal, presentation 18-21848.

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