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TRB2017: AMOnline Portal

This guide shows the Virginia Transportation Research Council's 2017 Transporation Research Board Annual Meeting Schedule,and provides access to VTRC/VDOT presentations.

Step 1: Login

Image showing how to log in to the 2018 AMOnline Web site

All VDOT employees have free and unlimited access to all TRB Annual Meeting Documents through the TRB AMOnline Portal.

Employees of TRB Sponsors, Annual Meeting Patrons must use their work email address to gain access to the material. Annual Meeting attendee registrants must login using the email address that was used during registration as their Username and their Annual Meeting 6-digit confirmation number (found on their name badge or registration confirmation) as their Password.

TIP: Using a browser like Chrome, you can save your login credentials so you won't have to enter them next time you visit the site.

2018AMOnline Web page.

The TRB Annual Meeting Online (AMOnline Portal) includes the papers, presentation slides, and posters from the 2011-2017 TRB Annual Meetings. The portal allows users to search for and download "free" full-text copies of all available papers and visual aids by session, presentation or paper number, or author. 

Jump to the AMOnline Portal now.


Step 2: Search

There are many ways to search for content in the AMOnline Portal.  A simple "keyword" search is shown at the right. 

Search by title:
Example: "Road User Education and Multimodal Planning: Can Capability Be Part of the Process"
Note: Omit quote marks shown in example above for the actual search.

Search by author:
Example: John Miller
Note: Omit quote marks shown in example above for the actual search.

Search by document number:
Example: 17-05893


Note: Search results will be returned "ranked for relevancy" with the most relevant results listed first. Please note some items appear identical in results, when in reality one item listed is the "poster" and another item is the "paper."

AMONline portal search

Step 3: Select a Resource

AMOnline finding full text.

Search results are returned in order of relevancy. The title is a hypertext link that leads to the "full text" version of the document (See: Viewing Options, below).

General searches will result in large quantities of "potential" matches. Narrow down your search results with a more specific search string, or use the "Narrow Results" options on the left-hand side of the screen to filter by: 

Named Person
File Type

NOTE: TRB does allow you to download the entire "Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers," which is approximately 2 GB of data which takes 2 or more hours to download as a "zip" file (See Important Links above). However, because VDOT employees have unlimited access to the AMOnline Portal, we recommend you only download the paper/poster/presentsion(s) you need when you need them. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Step 4: Viewing Options

AMOnline portal viewing options

Screen Viewing Options:
The built in PDF viewer on the AMOnline Portal allows you to: 

  1. Zoom in or pan out. 
  2. View in "full screen" mode.
  3. Search for words using the  icon.
  4. Navigate forward and backward for multi-page documents.


To Download a file to your computer:

  1. Click "Download this PDF" above the file
  2. After the file opens up in a new page, click the Adobe Save Icon in the upper left corner. It looks like a floppy disk.
  3. Pick where you want the file to be saved.
  4. Change the File Name from 0.pdf (default name for all files) to something more helpful to you in the future.
  5. Click Save

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