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Skillsoft Books: Quick Start Guide: Migrate Personalization

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7), a subscription database providing access to tens of thousands of E-books and videos.


Like the older version of Books24x7, the new Skillsoft Books interface has personalized features that allow you to save resources within personal folders, add bookmarks to specific locations in books, and add personal notes to books. The following pages show you how to migrate those personalized elements to the new version.

The new Skillsoft Books interface allows users to create and manage a Personal Learning Plan and use a My Tasks feature to stay on top of learning goals. This quick start guide will not address those features.  Those features, along with the finer points of searching, browser and utilizing resources will be addressed in subsequent guides. 

Please visit our Research Guides section in the future to see all our guides. 


There is no way to automatically migrate your folders, books, bookmarks and notes to the new interface! Furthermore, the old interface will not longer be accessible after October 1, 2017. If you want to re-create these elements, we recommend you use cut/paste into a Microsoft Word document, save the document, and use those notes to search for items in the new platform so that you can re-build your personal collections. 


Screen capture showing ways to manually capture folder, title, bookmark and notes.
First, we created a Word document with the categories: Folder, Item Title, Bookmarks and Notes. 
Next, we went to the Folder/Item in the old interface and used Microsoft's Cut/Copy/Paste commands to capture the text of relevant elements and move them verbatim to our Word document.
Finally, just to be safe, we used the Windows Snipping Tool to capture an image of the same information and we embedded the image in our Word document for easy reference when we re-create these elements in the new Books24x7 interface.

Arrows (From the Screen Captures)
Point to the Following:

1. Title: Exactly as it appears in the old version of Books24x7. Includes: Title, author, ISBN, publisher and year of publication.

2. Bookmarks: Note the precise location of the bookmark is shown.

3. Notes: The exact note is shown along with a time/date stamp.



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