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Skillsoft Books: Quick Start Guide: Folders

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7), a subscription database providing access to tens of thousands of E-books and videos.

Folders: Overview

The previous interface utilized "Folders" to allow users to organize items like books and videos into logical categories. The new interface provides a similar feature called "Sets" which appears as part of "My Bookshelf" (top of the screen) and is part of the "Personal Learning" element of the new interface. The information below will help you use this feature and provides advice if you need to migrate any folders from the previous interface to the new interface. For a demonstration, check out the video Learning Plan Sets.

Old Interface: Folders

Gave you the option to create Personal Folders.  You could place items (books, videos, etc.) in those folders to keep track of them for later use. Folders appeared on the left-hand menu as shown below. At the end of the folder list was an option to Manage Folders. From there you could see the folder name, number of items in it, and any Notes in those items. You could also add/delete or rename folders.

Screen capture of old Books24x7 manage folders feature.

New Interface: My Bookshelf

The new interface uses a My Bookshelf feature, and allows you to create a Set, which is equivalent to the "folder" from the old interface. You can also add a Learning Event (such as a live talk) here.

Like the previous interface, all items or events you organize this way appear on the left-hand side of the screen under a heading titled Personal Learning as shown below:

Screen capture of My Bookshelf and other personalization features in the new Books24x7

All personal features from the old interface appear in the new interface, but they are in different locations and some have new names. 


There is no way to automatically migrate Folders from the old interface into Sets in the current interface. So we recommend you only re-create the folders you are still using (as opposed to all folders) from the old interface (as opposed to all folders). The easiest way to do this is to visit the old interface and make detailed hand notes or cut/paste details into a Microsoft Word document as demonstrated below:

Screen capture showing ways to manually capture folder, title, bookmark and notes.
First, we created a Word document with the categories: Folder, Item Title, Bookmarks and Notes. 
Next, we went to the Folder/Item in the old interface and used Cut/Paste to capture the text of relevant areas and copied them to our Word document.
Finally, we used the Windows Snipping Tool to capture an image of the content and embedded the image in our word document for quick reference when we re-create these elements in the new interface.

Arrows (From the Screen Capture)
Point to the Following:

1. Title: Exactly as it appears in Books24x7. Includes Title, author, ISBN, publisher and year of publication.

2. Bookmarks: Note the precise location of the bookmark is shown.

3. Notes: The exact note is shown along with a time/date stamp.



Note: Do not delay! VDOT will sunset the previous Books24x7 interface on October 1, 2017, at which time all your personal folders, notes and bookmarks in that system will become permanently inaccessible.

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