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Skillsoft Books: Quick Start Guide: First Login

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use Skillsoft Books (formerly called Books24x7), a subscription database providing access to tens of thousands of E-books and videos.

The First Time You Log In...

The only thing VDOT employees have to do to get started using Skillsoft Books is to click on the link below. However, before clicking that link, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I connected to the VDOT network, either "at the office" or remotely through VPN? *

2. Am I using Internet Explorer, the ONLY browser that supports "single sign-on" authentication at VDOT? 

If the answer is no to either question above, you will not be able to connect with a single click. If the answer is yes to both questions, click this link to get started: Skillsoft Books. The URL is: in case you want to add it to your browser favorites. 

It is important for your first login to occur from the VDOT network, using Internet Explorer to activate your new Skillsoft Books account properly. Later you can explore other ways to access the resource.

* Note: It is possible to access Skillsoft Books remotely from a device that is not on the VDOT network (like a Smartphone, personal tablet or home PC), but only after your initial login as described above. We will provide instructions for this option soon. If you have a question now please contact: or 

What Just Happened?

The first time you log in using the link above... you are automatically recognized based on your VDOT network credentials. At that time, a new Skillsoft Books account in the new interface will be created for you automatically. You should not be prompted for a user name/password the next time you return, as long as you are on the VDOT network using Internet Explorer. 

However, if you used a previous version of Skillsoft Books and you created personalized folders, annotations or bookmarks in the old version that you want to retain, you'll need to migrate those elements to your new account. The next section of this guide helps you do that.

Note: Due to our contract/licensing agreement with Skillsoft, VDOT will not be able to provide extended access to the old Books24x7 interface. The old interface to Books24x7, all accounts and all personalization created in those accounts will no longer be accessible after October 1, 2017.

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