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Skillsoft Books Access Options: From Your Tablet PC

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees select the best ways to access Skillsoft Books when off the VDOT network and using home computers or mobile devices.

Tablet PC (Android or iOS)

Image of a tabled PC with Books24x7 on it.

You can access Skillsoft Books from an Internet-connected Tablet PC (Android or iOS) by going to: and entering your Skillsoft Books credentials. This is a fantastic option from home, or when you are on the road and want to take advantage of Skillsoft Books!

Hint: In the Username field enter your credentials as "Firstname.Lastname" and Not your entire VDOT e-mail address! and in the Password field enter your Skillsoft Books password, not your VDOT network password!

If you need to reset your Skillsoft Books password follow the instructions at:

Tablet PC: Should I Use the Mobile App or the Regular Skillsoft Books Site?

For the best user experience we recommend using the "full" Skillsoft Books site by going to instead of downloading and installing the Skillsoft Learning App. Why? Well, the full site has full functionality, as well as a look and feel that you are already familiar with, and we find that even on mini tablets with a small screen size of 7.9 inches, all elements from the "regular site" look and work and work the same way they work on a desktop. In short, the site displays perfectly even on the smallest tablet we tested when held either horizontally or vertically.

If you download the mobile app to your (an option that will work) you'll discover you went out of your way for a user experience is less robust and the mobile app version of Skillsoft Books will make your tablet look and feels like a giant smartphone.

Not Convinced? That's OK because you can use either approach. Make the call by to see what the Mobile App looks like on an iPad mini, compared to the "full site" on an iPad mini (as shown above).

Illustration of the Skillsoft mobile app on an ipad mini.

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