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Skillsoft Books Access Options: First Login

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees select the best ways to access Skillsoft Books when off the VDOT network and using home computers or mobile devices.

Create an Account

Never had a Skillsoft Books account? Or had one in the "old" interface but haven't used it in ages?  Follow these three steps, in this order, to automatically register an account in the new Books24x7 interface:  

Step 1. Make sure you are on the VDOT network (either from your VDOT computer at work, or remotely via VPN). 

Step 2. For this "First Login" you must use the Internet Explorer 11 browser (this is required the first time you log in!)

Step 3. Click on this link:​

If you see a screen that looks something like this you have successfully registered your account and are now ready to move on to the next step!

skillsoft books landing page

What Just Happened?

First Login: You will be recognized based on your VDOT Username and the fact that your computer is on the VDOT network. At that moment, a new account is created for you and will be linked to your VDOT e-mail address. At this point you won't know your Skillsoft Books password, which you will need for other forms of access.

Return Visits: When you use Internet Explorer 11 from your VDOT computer, you should not be prompted for a user name or password when you visit Skillsoft Books again. Just click the Skillsoft Books link and you will get right in. To use other browsers see the Next Section.

New Password: You will need to "Reset" your password to use advanced features of Skillsoft Books, use the database from devices that are not on the VDOT network (like your smartphone, or a home PC), and to use browsers other than Internet Explorer 11 from your VDOT computer. Learn more in the Next Section.

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