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Skillsoft Books Access Options: Overview

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees select the best ways to access Skillsoft Books when off the VDOT network and using home computers or mobile devices.

What is Books24x7?

Skillsoft Books (formerly known as "Books24x7") is a subscription database providing VDOT employees unlimited free access to access to nearly 80,000 E-books, book summaries, courses, videos and other resources in subjects like: Information Technology, Desktop Software, Finance, Business, Leadership, Engineering and more. If you've never used Skillsoft Books, complete your initial login using this Quick Start Guide and Internet Explorer 11 from your VDOT computer. You can return to this guide to explore other options for accessing Skillsoft Books (if you are interested), including:

1. Access from your smartphone or tablet PC. Tip: Great option for instructional videos and audio books!

2. Access from your home computer or from any Internet-connected computer not issued by VDOT.

3. Access from your VDOT computer using an "alternate browser" like Chrome or Firefox.

VDOT's Subscription


IT & Desktop Videos 42,384
ITPro 14,024
BusinessPro 10,548
EngineeringPro 4,360
Leadership Channel 3,739
FinancePro 1,838
ExecSummaries 1,227
OfficeEssentials 1,074



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