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Knovel: Quick Start Guide: About

The purpose of this guide is help VDOT employees find and use Knovel, a “full-text” subscription database available to all VDOT employees by the VDOT Research Library.

What is Knovel?

Knovel is an eBook database accessible to all VDOT employees from the VDOT network. VDOT’s subscription provides access to electronic versions of technical guides and manuals from core publishers, including: AASHTO, TRB, Wiley, Elsevier. This “virtual” library collection is an important supplement to the VDOT's “physical” collections. Knovel offers 35 subject areas from Composites Textiles via the URL: At this time VDOT only subscribes to these engineering collections, for a total of about 3,700 eBook titles:  

•    Civil Engineering & Construction Materials
•    Engineering Management & Leadership
•    General Engineering & Project Administration
•    Transportation Engineering

NEW in 2023!

•    Environment & Environmental Engineering (431 books)
•    Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Response (105 books)

Am I 'Required' To Create an Account?

VDOT's subscription provides any VDOT employee on the VDOT network with access to all Knovel content in our subscriptions, and to all Knovel tools, but an individual account (sometimes called a ‘profile’) provides these additional features:

  • Use of the Knovel mobile app
  • Ability to save and organize bookmarks
  • Ability to share content with colleagues
  • Ability to create notes and highlights in documents.

To create a profile you must use your VDOT e-mail address.

Logging In To Knovel

There are several ways to find and start using resources in Knovel.  The database is accessible from the library’s Web site, and individual titles in our subscriptions can be found in the Library’s Online Catalog. Once you get into to Knovel, we recommend you log in with your Knovel account (if you have one), instead of selecting the "browse as guest" option.

The account requires your VDOT email address and the Knovel password you created.

If you believe you have an account but you can't remember your password, click "Forgot password?" to recover it via e-mail.
Knovel login screen showing VDOT logo and patron name.

How Do I Know I am Logged In?

Knovel login screen showing VDOT logo and patron name.
You can tell that you are logged in to VDOT's subscription with your Knovel account and not browsing "as guest" by looking in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 
You should see your name and the VDOT logo, as shown here.  You might also see screens that show "Welcome Virginia Department of Transportation."

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