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Knovel: Quick Start Guide: Register

The purpose of this guide is help VDOT employees find and use Knovel, a “full-text” subscription database available to all VDOT employees by the VDOT Research Library.

Get a Knovel account

Knovel is available to all VDOT employees but requires a brief registration. Follow these steps to self-register: From the VDOT network, go to

1. Click the "Click Here" button where it says "Unsure if you have access to Knovel?" as shown below.

Knovel login screen.

2. If you believe you already have a Knovel account, but can't remember your password, click where it says "Forgot your password?" as shown above. Verification will be sent to your VDOT e-mail address.

Fill out the online registration form. Be sure to use your VDOT e-mail address as your user name!

When done, click the "Login" button and follow the screen prompts.

When ready to log in, go to and enter your Knovel user name and password.


If you discover that you don't have a Knovel account and you followed step 1 above, click the "Login" button. You should see a screen tht looks like the one below.

3. Fill out the online registration form shown below. Be sure to start with your VDOT e-mail address, which will later become your Knovel user name.
If you don't use an e-mail address ending in "" your account will not be authorized.

Knovel registration: Set up your Virginia Department of Transportation account.

The * indicates required fields, so please specify your VDOT division, district, disciple and job function (as best as possible) as shown above. 

When done, you will need to accept Knovel's Terms and Conditions using the check box and will need to click on "Sign Up"  to create an account. When ready to log in, go to and enter your Knovel user name and password.

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