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This page provides RSS feeds of the most most current research and news in selected transportation "Hot Topics." Select from the "Topics" tab below to get started.

About This Page

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This page is powered by RSS Feeds (What is RSS?) from TRB's TRID database (for new breaking research) and from Google News (for breaking news) on selected "Hot Topics" in transportation. Articles update each time the page is loaded, however, the frequency of new articles added to the "source" database. These are selective feeds. Only articles on the topic should appear. Feeds display the most recent 5 articles.

Some topics are "hotter" than others, so may update more frequently, and some topics may be broad enough so that the same report or article appears simultaneously under two categories. For example the same report appearing under "Innovation" and under "drones." Have an idea for a topic? Submit it to us using this Hot Topic Request Form.

Anatomy of a Feed

Each category has its own page with two feeds — one for the latest published research, and one for breaking news. The example below shows the parts of a feed.

Parts of an RSS Feed.

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