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ASTM Compass: Quick Start Guide: Register

The purpose of this guide is to help VDOT employees find and use ASTM Compass, a subscription database for ASTM standards, AASHTO content and more; available to all VDOT Employees through the VDOT Research Library.

License Agreement

When you first visit ASTM Compass you will see the License Agreement. Agree with the license to access the site. The agreement provides details about both the copyright protections for content in ASTM Compass and also the “terms and conditions” VDOT employees agree to abide by when using the resource. Terms are not overly restrictive. If you have questions about the agreement please contact the library or ASTM. To consent to the terms, simply click the yellow button, which looks like this:

Agree button

Signing in and Registering for an Account

After you agree to the license, you should be passed on to the main page of ASTM Compass, where you will be prompted to “Sign In” to VDOT’s subscription using your VDOT e-mail address and your ASTM Compass password. You should see the VDOT logo in the upper right corner of the screen. If you do not see VDOT’s logo you are not in VDOT’s subscription. If you already have an account, click on “Sign In” and enter your credentials.

How do I create an ASTM Compass account?

1. From the VDOT network, go to

2. In the upper right, next to the VDOT logo, click the link that says “Register.” Fill out all fields as shown below, noting the special instructions for creating a password:

compass registration

Important: Be sure to use your VDOT e-mail address when you register for your account!

3. Click the “Register My Account” button.

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