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TRB2020: Online Interactive Program

This guide shows the Virginia Transportation Research Council's 2020 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting Schedule.

How to Access Annual Meeting Content Using the Online Interactive Program


 Rather than produce separate products (AM Online and the Compendium of Papers), the following information will be made available on the Online Interactive Program website for the 2020 Annual Meeting:

• “Metadata” for all papers presented at the Annual Meeting will be provided when the Online Interactive Program goes live. “Metadata” includes author names and affiliations, paper title, subjects, and abstract.
• Poster presentations will be provided at the end of the meeting (this is weeks faster than provided previously).
• Power Point presentations (where permitted by the presenter) will be provided at the end of the meeting (this previously took 2-3 months).


The above material will be available only to registrants for the 2020 Annual Meeting and employees of TRB’s year-round sponsors (VDOT is a sponsor, so registration is free to all VDOT employees) until the Fall of 2020 when the Online Interactive Program for the 2021 Annual Meeting goes live. At that time, the 2020 Annual Meeting Online Interactive program, with the information listed above, will be archived on TRB’s website and made available to anyone with a MyTRB account. This process will be repeated in subsequent years so that sponsors and Annual Meeting registrants will have access to the most recent Annual Meeting’s materials for several months after which the material will be more widely available to facilitate dissemination of information and awareness of the breadth of content presented at the TRB Annual Meeting.


* Check back here for detailed instructions on this page once this content becomes available.*

For the 2020 Annual Meeting, this new approach does not continue the old practice of providing full papers presented at the Annual Meeting. This is the result of concerns expressed for years by authors that papers that were accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting but rejected for publication in the TRR Journal were being rejected for publication in other journals on the basis that inclusion in AM Online constituted previous publication. TRB is evaluating options that might allow us to return to the practice of making full papers available but it was not possible to do this in time for the 2020 Annual Meeting. By providing the names and affiliations of authors it will be possible for attendees to directly contact authors to request a copy of their paper.


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