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VDOT Bulletin Quick Start Guide: Tips and Tricks

A quick start guide to accessing the VDOT Bulletin using the VDOT Library's Digital Collections site.

Basic Search Tips

  • Begin your search with a keyword search (e.g. Parks, Dogs, Crime, Bridges).
  • Do not use quotation marks or Boolean operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT) in keyword searches.
  • Search terms must be spelled correctly, but order and case do not matter.
  • Use facets (side bar links) to narrow results. Facet options change from collection to collection.
  • Results when searching across all collections will default to sorting by description. Date sort will only work for objects with an exact date, not a year or decade.
  • Find related material by clicking on the hyperlinked text in the metadata.

Advanced Search Tips

Advanced Search:

  • Click button in top right corner of page "Advanced Search".
  • Check box next to collections you wish to search.
  • Click save.
  • Enter search terms, choosing fields you wish to search.
  • If needed click "Add Row" to add more search terms. Be sure to change the search method to "AND" or "OR".
  • Include date, if needed
  • Press search.


  • Advanced search allows for searching an exact phrase.
  • Advanced search allows for excluding terms (i.e., “none of the words”).
  • Use “Any of the words” to do an OR search—this only works for single-word searches (ex: baseball football—this search will show results for baseball OR football).
  • Date search is fickle. Better results generally come from leaving out a date.
  • Searches in quotations DO work, however, once you get inside the document they do NOT.
  • Reenter the search without quotes once inside the document.

Recurring Sections

Over the years the Bulletin utilized a number of recurring sections that make browsing for certain information much easier. A few of these sections are listed below:

"News From the Districts":

news from the districts

"Prevent Accidents":

"prevent accidents" clip


"Contracts Awarded":

"contracts awarded" clip

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