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Research: Get Help With Your Research

Have a reference question or need research support or advice? Want advice on the best database or resource to find the answers you need? Maybe you want to ask us to perform a literature search for you? This is a place for all of that and more.

Need Research Help?

Time is your most precious resource. So If you find yourself "Googling" but not "finding" let us know! We want to help you: 

  • Locate "free" full-text versions of articles, reports, standards or other information you need in a way that is copyright compliant.
  • Find and use Specialized Resources you may not have known were available to you.
  • Connect with technical experts to get answers to your specific research questions.
  • Contact peers at other state DOTs to survey their "best practices."

Literature Searches

If what you really need is a customized search and synthesis that will help you avoid "reinventing the wheel," or if you're concerned you might "miss something obvious" because you don't have enough time to search thoroughly, consider our search service. 

We're quick and thorough, and we find sources others miss. Plus, we know how to focus only on the most relevant, current and reliable sources, and synthesize everything we find in ways that help you make decisions instead of throwing away more time on Google searches. The end result is a search customized to your precise needs. Use this search Request Form to request a literature search today. 

We will conduct a search for any VDOT employee (not just "researchers" ... but practitioners and decision makers too). Expert database searchers locate sources that are highly relevant and authoritative. Sources can include: technical reports, state DOT publications, conference papers, standards, white papers, proceedings, dissertations, and even PowerPoint or poster presentations. We also identify experts or national leaders and provide contact information so you can consult directly with technical experts. We deliver 30-50 searches a year and typically have multiple searches underway at once, so the more time we have to work on your search the better.


Comprehensive Search
& Synthesis

Lead time: 1-2 weeks Lead time: 2-4 weeks Lead time: 4-8 weeks

Literature searches are typically added to our Library Catalog. See some examples from 2013-2016.

Advice & Instruction

Is your work group interested in learning more about the benefits of library resources? If so we can visit with you in person or via Webinar and orient you with our collections and services. Contact us today at:

Research FAQ

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